Friday, March 11, 2011

Paper Cutz Challenge #82.....and a Cautionary Tale!

Hello, everyone! It's such a beautiful day today here in Arkansas, but my thoughts keep drifting to the people of Japan. What a sad day for them! Let's keep them in our thoughts and prayers. Now, I must tell you about my cards this week, and the bone-headed thing that I did! I had read what this week's challenge was going to be last week. It is a color challenge to use black, white, red, yellow, and blue only! Now, at first I thought, "ugh....what am I going to do??" I'm not really great at color challenges. At all! Well, one night my son was playing one of his video games. He has this package of styluses that go with his game that are in all of the shades of the rainbow. Well, the case they came in had those colors dripping down the front as if it were paint. I thought it was really cool looking and also that my Martha Stewart "Drippy Goo" punch would do a good job of closely duplicating that. Then, I remembered a stamp that I have that says, "Feeling blue? Try painting yourself a different color!" HELLO???? Perfect idea for a card....woo hoo!! So, off I rush to my craft room to whip out this card. I even made a second card, that sort of reminds me of a Rubic's Cube. So, I go to my e-mail to send Mary my submission and I check which challenge # we were on and there it huge mistake. I used GREEN on my cards. BOTH of my cards. Green was not one of the colors we were supposed to use! Geez....I felt like an idiot. The bad part was that I didn't have time to redo them correctly because I had company coming. I sent them to Mary and explained my plight and told her that I was sorry and understood that she would not be able to post them on her blog. Well, Mary was so gracious and said that this was about having fun and that she most certainly would post my cards anyway! What an awesome and understanding lady Mary is! I couldn't be prouder to be a part of her Design Team. Go check out the blog and add your own card.....just be sure not to use green!


  1. Super cute cards!! I have that stamp set and LOVE it!! Sooo many cute sayings!! TFS