Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Bailey's Birthday Invitations!

Feels like I haven't posted in a while, although it's only been since Saturday! This back to school grind is going to take some getting used to! The kids are doing great and like their teachers and classes, so that's good. I think that I am about to start working at a church one day a week to do childcare during their women's Bible study. I will be able to get my "baby fix" and earn a few dollars to spend on things for my purple playroom! Hubby will love that! I have gotten some really cool stuff lately that I cannot wait to try out and share with you, but that's for another day. Today is to talk about sweet little Bailey's birthday invitations. When my friend Emily told me that they were giving Bailey a movie-themed party this year, I knew that I wanted to make her some really cool, one of a kind invitations! At first I thought film strip, then movie screen, but I really wanted it to be awesome. I started thinking about those things that they use to say "action" and thought about the cupcake cards that I had made for baby Elizabeth's party. I figured that I could make it work, so I started trying to come up with a "prototype" to show Emily. Many pieces of cardstock later, I got the design just right, Em loved it, Bailey loved it, I got them done and they have now been given to Bailey's friends. Here is the result of my brainstorming.....

Card recipe:

Cardstock in black and white
Black mini brads
George and Basic Cricut Cartridge

That's it! I started to write out instructions for these, but realized that it was super hard to explain this in writing. They weren't hard to make, though! Maybe one of these days I will do a tutorial, if I can get over my "stage fright"! LOL. Have a great day everyone!

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