Tuesday, July 6, 2010

My new blog....can you tell I don't know what I'm doing?

Ok, so a couple of things about me. One is that I am a pretty creative person. Always have been. It started out of necessity, really. We never had a lot of money growing up, so I had to be pretty resourceful. My sisters and I would make our Barbie's houses out of boxes and would cut furniture and things to decorate Barbie's house with out of old magazines. I also used to cut out pictures of jewelry to play "dress up" with. When we finally did get a Barbie townhouse (the cardboard and plastic one, not the Dream House that I always dreamed of), we still usually preferred to make our own house on our bedroom floor. Shoeboxes were our beds, scraps of anything we could find around the house became something practical for Barbie's house. One year for Christmas, my mom got us these little bitty Cabbabge Patch sewing machines that ran on batteries and we were in heaven! We made all sorts of pillows and blankets and clothes for Barbie, none of which were probably very good, but we had a passion for it. I also made Barbie a suitcase out of plastic canvas, which turned out pretty well, if I do say so myself. Throughout the years I remained a self-taught artist-of-sorts, which also led to an 11 year stint as a photographic artist for a professional photo lab. I painted on canvases, took off pimples, wrinkles, and fat folds and added more color to eyes, more hair to the balding, and on and on. I really enjoyed the creativity of that job, but not the productivity part. There were many times I had to put out a product that I was not completely pleased with for productivity's sake. I finally left that job in 2003 to pursue my dream of staying home with my children. We were finally able to live off one paycheck and the lab I worked at was going completely digital. I have never been a computer expert, so I knew it wasn't for me. This is the second thing to know about me. I am a computer dummy. I'm trying to learn, but it frustrates me to no end. Please excuse the look of this blog for now, because I am totally clueless as to what I am doing. I hope it will evolve over time into something I can be proud of and will be enjoyed by many. I want it to be a place to share my love of crafting and creating. I hope that you will join me in this journey from time to time!

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